Prottay helps you to gain more, identify bottlenecks and give a fully integrated picture of your Garments business in a sleek web based system

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Streamline Apparel Manufacturing

Collaborate closely with all production units for your manufacturing, see floor-wise, line-wise inputs.

Plan intuitively Production schedules

Plan ahead, schedule, reschedule, merge, detach orders, distributed orders for different lines.

Extend Chart of Accounts

Track your expenses with hierarchical chart of accounts, get both top down and bottom up view.

Closely Coupled Order to Shipment

Make more financial gains with a coherent flow of business processes help Merchandisers take efficient decisions

Track every stock movement

Get an instant picture of your stock, fully automated replenishment of stock and Real time integration facility

Utilize maximum Productivity

With a unique interface, calculate gains, losses, productivity for orders with real time data

Style Development

Prepare your client deliverables, order samples all in one place

Budgeting and Costing

Calculate all costs for samples, orders, budget accordingly prior taking orders and later for actual orders

Sample Development

Request Samples, manage sample development through an industry standard work flow

Order Management

Track orders, shipment details through a both-way compatible interface

Time and Action

Articulate all the events for your orders with exact time required, manage efficiently

Bill of Materials

Prepare industry standard BOM sheet for your orders

Plan Intuitively

Through an intuitive Planning Board plan all your productions with easily accessible information Plan

Production: Cutting, Sewing, Finishing

Manage all your production processes from cutting to finishing in web interface

Incorporate QC Process in Inventory

Adding QC processes during Shading and Raw materials & Finished Goods movement

Master LC, Back-2-Back LC

Track LC information from Master LC to B2B LC, manage Invoices and collaborate closely with Accounts, Inventory

24x7 Versatile Roster

Manage workers, shifts, all rosters, preferences round the clock from a single interface

Single Window Employee Life Cycle

Complete Employee life cycle from hiring to final settlement, coherently connected with all other stages

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