We provide a variety of services around implementation, training, process improvement, and software customization. Our highly skilled and tenured consultants whose unmatched experience in delivering industry solutions that span across various sectors and domains is backed by a proven track record of successful delivery. Our teams offer local know-how coupled with a global outlook to ensure tangible results for our customers always with a focus on profitable growth and long-term business success.

Change Assessment and Process Change

We help companies to enhance processes in the organization through Business Process Improvement. The factors that are crucial for the development in the organization are identified in the assessment phase. Categorical analysis and valuable conclusions drawn based on the assessment reveals the possibility of taking the right decision about the development to be carried out. We help you understand how your company’s key procedures are associated with the company strategy, and also investigate current business processes. We help you think out of the box and implement best practices.

Product Fitment Capability

Recommendation on how the drafted requirements / recommendations can be fitted into Current ERP system will be carried out to affirm the possibility so that the organizations will be able to achieve its objectives.

System Integration

ERP systems works best when integrated with other software. In ERP implementation, there comes a time where these wide-reaching, all-encompassing systems need to communicate with other 3rd party solutions and legacy applications. We provide integration solutions which can work with our current ERP solutions to allow data collection and other systems to integrate more easily and reliably with your ERP.

Data Restructuring, Mapping and Migration

Complications associated with transferring data from an existing system to new system are many. Our team experts not only provide accelerated and efficient data migration service, but also explain the need of data restructuring and data mapping. Our aim is to help organizations enjoy the full benefits of the improved functionality in meeting day to day business needs, through migration from old to new system.