Easy Planner

Easy Planner is the no 1 standalone production planning solution, designed and developed specifically for apparel companies. It offers deep, specialist planning functionality and a flexible, highly visual and intuitive web based user interface. It can be seamlessly integrated to any ERP or In-House developed software.

Hospital Management

HMS Integrated Hospital Information Management System is Web-based and can be accessed through a Web browser or mobile device.


Planning is a very complex task when you have a lot to plan in limited time with always changing information. Easy planner’s color-coded planning board helps you to do more with a superb interface designed with care and loaded with all the required information for planning.

Choose the best course of action among several alternatives:

  1. Manage Capacity
  2. Manage Learning Time
  3. Manage Production Plan Forecasting
  4. Scheduling


The operation of the Easy Planner is so easy and quick that the management of the factory will arrange all the big plans in a very short time. Through the operation portion of our planning software, it would be the easiest way to manage every aspect of the production planning.

Execution as per plan:

  1. Manage Line Loading
  2. Manage Production Targets & Efficiency
  3. Manage Production Planning Board


Maintain the performance by comparing the actual results with performance standards set and taking appropriate correction action if necessary to reduce variance.

Key Benefits for the Factories

Today’s apparel manufacturers are faced with increasingly fragmented order books and demands for much shorter lead times! This drives significant additional complexity and cost to add to the challenges of rising labor costs and typically static prices. Existing manual and disconnected systems used to manage key business processes are no longer sustainable.

  1. Multi-level capacity planning at both factory and detailed line level
  2. Measure Worker Learning Curve
  3. Enhance Pre-Production Critical Path
  4. Better Production Line Management
  5. Reducing repeated data entry workload
  6. Flexible, management level reporting