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The acronym SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is an industry standard database query language that was adopted in the mid-1980s. It should not be confused with commercial products such as Microsoft SQL Server or open source products such as MySQL, both of which use the acronym as part of the title of their products.

There are three major decisions that the SQL optimizer must make during the optimization of a SQL statement:

– Access method:   Oracle has several choices of the “best” way to access data.

– Join method:  Oracle must decode between nested loops joins, hash join, etc.

– Join order: The database has choices about the best table join order.


We understand Oracle security and we have proprietary security auditing scripts to find Oracle security vulnerabilities fast.

Oracle security is extremely complex and you need a proven expert for any Oracle security audit.
Newgen Technology provides the following Oracle security support services:
Oracle security, health check and vulnerability assessment
Oracle white-hat hacker consulting
Oracle Applications security assessment


Newgen Technology specializes Oracle monitoring software solutions and we have a wealth of Oracle monitoring tools for everyone from end users to DBA’s.

Remote support

Oracle Remote DBA services are an attractive option. It helps to give you-
Expert oracle support
High availability of Oracle
Low Cost
Ensure Continuous Oracle Support
No Loss of Institutional Knowledge
Peace of Mind


Oracle implementation is a challenging and risky process, fraught with risk and unforeseen problems.  Experts suggest that the best way to ensure success at Oracle implementation is to use a trusted team of Oracle support providers with expert developers and smart managers who can keep your Oracle development project on-time and under budget.

A proper Oracle implementation is critical for all development projects.  There are many pitfalls, and many reasons to use a well-known Oracle development team, a group of outstanding Oracle professionals with a dedication to quality and a reputation as an author and expert.