Newgen Training

Newgen is a leading provider of Oracle consulting support and training services Certified Oracle consultants are immediately available for all areas of Oracle support including Oracle tuning, Oracle database troubleshooting, Oracle 11g and Oracle 10g migration upgrades and patch application, Oracle design reviews and Oracle requirements evaluation support, Oracle Grid, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle BI, Oracle Exadata, Oracle RAC.

Newgen also provide different  training services like- Java programing, Mobile Aps development, PHM, Outsourcing, Adobe, Graphic Designing etc.

Team Expertise

  • Our DBA team has expertise in Database & ERP architecture and day to day supports activities & monitoring
  • Certified in Databases and applications
  • Certified system admin Linux
  • The team has large exposure in 24×7 environments
  • Service level support with strict SLA’s and KPI’s
  • Team expertise with more than 15 years in the industry to support mission critical applications