Hospital Management

HMS is a comprehensive integrated solution providing hospitals with paperless office management system. This synchronizes workflow and process flow across the entire enterprise. HMS fluently works as management tool that provide proper management of patient, financial transactions. This helps management to make accurate and faster decisions and to eliminate medical errors and improve patient care and outcomes.

Hospital Management System offer the following features. It can manage the hospital very easly.

Main Feature of this System:

  • Administration

  • Help Desk

  • Pharmacy

  • Pathology

  • IPD

  • OPD

  • General Store

  • Accounting

All the features mentioned above are well integrated and possess, exchange information across the whole organization in real time. This will automate the workflow, manage storage and retrieval of information centrally and render the hospital paperless.

Summary of HMS Modules


This module handles all the master entry details for the hospital requirement such as User detail, doctor setup and Supplier Setup.


Pharmacy is the place where the requested drugs get dispensed. Both outpatients and inpatients are dispensed drugs from the pharmacy. OTC (over the counter) transaction is also done at the pharmacy.


This module enables the maintenance of investigation requests by the patient and generation of test results for the various available services, such as clinical pathology, X-ray and ultrasound tests. Requests can be made from various points, including wards, billing, sample collection and the laboratory receiving point. The laboratory module is integrated with the in-patient/ outpatient registration, wards and billing modules.


This module generates the following reports which will be done in Inpatient Department of the Hospital.

  • IPD Summery bill
  • Detail Bill
  • Inpatient list


Process of OPD-

  • Patient Enters into the Hospital
  • Patient approaches the OPD registration desk
  • Patients fills the registration form
  • Information is entered in to the his of the hospital
  • Then UHID (Unique Hospital Identification) is generated
  • Then the doctor appointment create with unique appointment id
  • Bills are processed and new investigation order or doctor visit are entered into his
  • Then, Hard copy (Invoice) of the bill taken which is given to the patient for further proceedings    delete

Help Desk

The Help desk module handles various inquiries about the patient’s admission and discharge details, bed census, and the patient’s movements within the hospital. The system can also handle fixed-cost package deals for patients as well as Doctor Consultation and Scheduling, Doctor Consultancy Fees and Time Allocation.


This module bills the both inpatient and outpatient who comes to hospital. It also includes Payment details of patients. Depending on the payments bill report is generated.