Database Health Check

System performance is becoming increasingly important as computer systems grow in size and complexity. An undetected performance issue can result in costly outages, and put your vital data at risk. Newgen offers complete database health check services.

Our proven Newgen methodology measures the performance of your mission-critical database in the areas of availability, performance, capacity planning and security.

Ensuring your database performs at peak efficiency means adopting a proactive approach to monitoring. Regular health checks can provide an overview of your database’s stability, identify potential issues and eliminate bottlenecks.

The health check process begins with a review of the database, the operating system configuration, and the application layer. Our certified database specialists investigate each of these three areas to understand the environment and identify any issues that can potentially impact stability and performance; their findings are summarized in a final health check report, fully customized to reflect your needs.

These assessment activities fall into six areas:

      1. Database configuration review and analysis
      1. Database software configuration review
      1. Operating system review and analysis
      1. Hardware review
      1. Database performance review
      1. Log and trace files reviews

The final health check report depicts our findings in an easy to read, color coded scorecard. Areas requiring immediate attention are highlighted, and supplemented with specific, detailed recommendations or prompt resolution.

Newgen Database Health Check approach is based on the principle that data contains valuable insights that can produce business improvements when put to work. The more high quality data you can access, and the better you can analyze it, the greater the potential for value. Our methodology comes from decades of experience implementing systems that derive value from data.