Newgen Web Design Course is designed for those who are new to web designing and also for those who already have their hands on it. This certification program will provide participants with theories, processes, tools, competencies & practice needed to become a professional web designer in Bangladesh.

Newgen Web Design Course has started with a professional web designer who is already involved with various IT related works. Newgen Web Design Course is structured for a variety of audience with different proficiency levels. This course is open for them who want to become a professional web designer in Bangladesh. No previous experience is required.

The importance of professional web designer in Bangladesh:

Nowadays every company needs a professional web designer! Well, almost every company. Every company with a website needs a professional web designer, but why? What is the importance of professional web designer in Bangladesh? Many different factors come into play when we deal with web design including conversions, aesthetics, functionality, and SEO. All of these play hand-in-hand with each other. Sadly they don’t always work well when all thrown together! That’s why in Bangladesh day by day increasing the importance professional web designer. Newgen Web Design Course is designed to make anyone as a professional web designer.

Newgen Web Design Course Course Outline:

• HTML (Core Part of Web and Internet)

  1. Learning HTML Tags from A to Z.
  2. Implementing HTML Tags as per their requirement.
  3. Advance HTML Practices along with Tips and Tricks for best usage.
  4. Design a HTML site with a Notepad
  5. Using of Notepad++ and Dreamweaver

• Cascading Style sheet (Styling the Pages).

  1. Basics of Color Code, Measuring Units and Layouts in CSS.
  2. Style sheet to Control Web pages centrally.
  3. Advance Style sheet Practices

• JavaScript (Client Side Scripting)

  1. Basic Concept of Client Side Programming.
  2. Common Usages of JavaScript with HTML.
  3. jQuery (Plug-in and the widget)
  4. Concept and Basics of jQuery.
  5. jQuery for Designers as well as for a professional web designer

• Dreamweaver and Other HTML Editor

  1. Design a template by Dreamweaver
  2. Using system of Dreamweaver
  3. HTML Editor’s Basic Concept

• WordPress and Other CMS

  1. WordPress for Beginners
  2. WordPress Theme Customization
  3. Basic WordPress Plugin Development
  4. WordPress Theme Development