Prottay ERP Solution is a wide-range international standard web enabled business management system that streamlines and integrates the operation processes and information flow of any business (small, medium or large) to synergize the resources namely man, material, money and machine through information. It is a Business strategies and enabling software that integrate manufacturing, financial and distribution functions to dynamically balance and optimize enterprise resources. It can enable enterprises to optimize their business processes and analysis capabilities for improved speed and efficiency. Within a single mouse click, it will provide stunning reports that will enable management to take better decisions.

Individually, Prottay ERP Solution will help you to manage your most critical business processes. Collectively, they form a tightly integrated business application suite that adds value to every facet of your organization – and your external value chain. Prottay ERP Solution will dynamically enhance organization’s workflow with ultimate transparency, clarity, performances and ensures Quantifiable and Value Added result.

Prottay ERP Module List

HR & Payroll



Procurement Management

Manufacturing & Packaging



Financials & Accounting

Customer Order & Relationship Management

Fixed Asset Management

Shipment Schedule Management

Cash Drawer

Bundle Card

Product Catalog

Content Management

Work Effort

Extensions Provided by NTL

CRM PBX Extension

BI & Data warehousing

Enterprise Portal & Workflow