Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Fundamentals

This course helps integrating diverse data of an organization across assorted databases for enhanced decision-making skills. The course targets to train about the configuration and implementation of Oracle GoldenGate. The participants will be demonstrate to use the command line interface (GGSCI) of Oracle GoldenGateefficiently.The concepts of Extract, replicate and initial load along with the extraction of trails is the key area of the course agenda. Various new features of 12c such as Wallet and Integrated Apply will be explained during this course.

Course Objectives

  • Use GoldenGate products to design replication solutions
  • DeployGoldenGate, source and target database preparation for Oracle-to-Oracle replication
  • Learn to execute GGSCI commands
  • Explore Change Delivery (Replicat), Change Capture (Extract), and Initial Load
  • Use various utilities and data dumps in managing Extract trails and files
  • Handling network transmission while compressing and encrypting data
  • Understand data transformation