Exadata Database Machine: 12c Administration Workshop Ed 1 course from Newgen provides you with the knowledge and skills to operate Exadata Database Machine. This course explains about Exadata Storage Server and how it is diverse from usual database storage. Students will learn to list the main abilities and features of Exadata Database Machine.

Course Objectives

  • Construct Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c in combination with Exadata Database Machine
  • Employ query execution plans, statistics and wait events to scrutinize Exadata Smart Scan
  • Carry out a variety of maintenance tasks on Exadata Database Machine
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Exadata Database Machines by comprehending and executing the best practices taught in this training
  • Describe a variety of alternatives suggestions for consolidation on Exadata Database Machine
  • Construct Exadata Database Machine and make suitable up-front configuration decisions Execute Exadata Storage Server security
  • Examine Exadata Database Machine with the use of monitoring infrastructure inherently