Android Games Development Training

Game development is, perhaps, the most difficult type of programming. However games are always among the most popular types of mobile applications. This course teaches general game development techniques and then applies those to the Android development environment. This course covers topics critical to game programmers including OpenGL, audio coding, animation, and asset optimization for Android. During this course, participants will create a complete game application.

Android Game Development Course Outline

  1. The Basics
    1. Game Development Principals
    2. Creating Game Assets for Android
    3. Storing and Managing Games Assets for Android
    4. Playing Audio
    5. Playing Video
    6. The Canvas Class
    7. Handling User Input Events
  2. Graphics
    1. Shape and RectShape
    2. Introducing OpenGL
    3. Surface View
    4. GL Thread
    5. Cube Renderer
    6. Cube Class
  3. Creating A Full Game
    1. Introducing the Game and Demo
    2. Gathering Assets
    3. Coding the Game Menu
    4. Creating the Game Loop
    5. Coding the Game
    6. Testing and Debugging Strategies
    7. Releasing the Game to an Application Store