It is most important to ensure a proper environment for software development and project management. Selection of tools and techniques are most sensitive in this scenario. This document will enlist them and describe briefly. This document does not discuss about implementation and migration of solution. It will discuss in separate document.

Agile Methodology – Scrum

  • 2-3 weeks cycle of development – called “ Sprint”
  • Daily standup meeting
  • Close involvement of Project Owner
  • Task Board to maintain development workflow

Newgen will ensure the proper follow of methodology. To do that Newgen recommends a Tool called JIRA.

Project Management

Developer time logging and resource management

Each developer will have issues to develop in each Scrum cycle which is called “Sprint”, project management will be here to ensure no resource is sitting idle and logging the hours properly.  A Project Manager will be responsible to ensure these things.

Scrum Master

This is a very important role to ensure day to day work of developers. Do daily a stand up meeting with team and communicate with PO that things are developing accordingly. And Ensure each cycle “Sprint” is delivered properly.

Team Structure & Roles

  • Product Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Business Analyst
  • Executive – Documentation and Communication
  • Architect
  • Team Lead
  • Developer

Codebase and Version Control

  • GIT A distribute Version Controller
  • Currently in International Market and Latest Codebase is GIT which is open source.

Code writing and Delivery

  • All developer will use the same IDE and use same format of code writing. Must all code have unit test for new code. Daily Scrum Standup meeting to ensure team knows who is doing what and where we have reached in each cycle. Code committing and commenting on each commit must be ensured.

Code Analyzer and reporter

  • Sonar – Code Analyzer (Open Source)
  • Sonar is world renowned Code profiler and analyzer which reports the code quality committed by the developers and shows the strength of each component and cycle.

Build Strategy

  • Build Frequency
  • Based on development and stakeholders interested there server strategy for building the developing solution e.g. Continuous Build, Nightly Build (end of each day), Milestone Build.
  • Jenkins – A world renowned build solution (Open source)
  • This above described build functionality of the whole solution can be done with this Jenkins platform.

Test Server

  • Deploy nightly build on Test Server

Acceptance Server

  • Deploy after a Cycle
  • When a full cycle “Sprint” is developed, the solution can be pushed to Acceptance server to be tested by all stakeholders and common users.

WIKI (knowledge Base)

  • Confluence
  • This is world best knowledge base solution also developed by the same company created by Atlassian.